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Wajas is the best pet sim

With hundreds of dedicated active users, and endless possibilities for creating your own unique waja, Wajas is the best pet…

Wajas amps February 12, 2018
Anatheria-A review

I started playing Anatheria in January 2015. The site's community is great and the forums are very active. You get…

Anatheria Phoenix December 4, 2015
play but be carefull

They have realy good ideas in game but execution is lame. There are bugs that make you loose your items…

BeastKeeper Chita July 13, 2015
Wolf Soul Wonja September 30, 2014
Wolf Soul Wonja September 21, 2014
An AMAZING wolf sim!!

If your interest is wolves and online games, Wolf soul is definitely the online game to play. Still in beta,…

Wolf Soul maggie1234567 September 15, 2014
Definitely worth a look!

Though the site may look a bit "immature and cutesy" at first glance, I assure you, it is much more…

Goatlings Everlost April 14, 2014
Really Excited!

Though not much information is out about SkirrPets at the moment, I'm still looking forward to it.  


Skirrpets Everlost April 14, 2014
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