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Wajas is a virtual dog breeding site where you can play with numerous breeds that come in unlimited colors, over 100 markings, and 20 special traits. We have THOUSANDS of items to collect and to dress your wajas with as well as unlimited breeding possibilities.


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  • Opening Date: April 1, 2006
  • Active User Count: 200
  • User Count: 310,000
  • Pet Count: 77,000,000
  • Item Count: 2,700
  • Vote Count: 140
  • Review Count: 1
  • Last Update: March 23, 2018

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Wajas is the best pet sim

With hundreds of dedicated active users, and endless possibilities for creating your own unique waja, Wajas is the best pet sim available. Wajas has a long history, the site itself opened in 2006, so you can guarantee it's here to stay! Thousands of items and hundreds of markings let you design and share your own creations to other users. It easier than ever to create your own fursona into a waja, as wajas is constantly being updated with new markings. Our friendly community can be found throughout the site and our forums, where its easy to quickly make friends. New users can pop over to the newbie giveaway thread for some help early on in the game. Wajas is free to play for those above the age of 13! So join today! 

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